Complex of events during City Evolution:

CITY EХРО – International exhibition of real estate development projects and technologies.



  CONGRESS "City Evolution" - The new view on the development. Held in the exhibition area and is divided into two theme of the day - DEVELOPMENT DAY and RETAIL DAY, consists of five sections : "Good practices of cooperation between investors , developers and representatives of the government ," " Gallery of real estate development real estate projects in 2013 " , "The Practice of International Integration Developers and retail operators , "" Open meeting ICSC "," New tools to attract customers in shopping centers and retail networks . " The combination of classic papers with discussions on sensitive topics , presentations and informal communication , allow the audience to get the maximum effect of the presence .

   CITY AWARDS - Ukrainian development market leaders competition.


  WE ARE GLAD TO INVITE TO COOPERATION as participants, speakers, sponsors:

•Development companies

•Managing companies

•Investment companies

•Banks and other financial companies

•Legal and Auditory companies

•Architecture bureau

•Builders and contractors

•Consulting companies

•Branch and business mass media



•To use advertising and PR budgets within the event pasting the information in the thematic digital digest published by organizers on the event Web-site; in press-releases; fair catalog; exhibition and conference halls.




Supported by

Ministry of Regional Development and Housing of Ukraine


 Supported by


Official website:

General media-partner


General information partner

General partner in Russia

Real Estate Industry Media-Partner in Ukraine











PR-partner in Ukraine






The official audio partner awards ceremony City Awords:

To show advantages of the project and reliability of the company through the well organized stand of the exposition, well-done advertising campaign and qualified stuff.

To make the presentation within the project terms or to make a speech on one of proposed by organizers topics.

To make personal contacts with potential investors, tenants, partners of clients and to show them strong sides of the company in the open competition.

To use the event as the information case for mass-media, to make own press-conference or to participate in the press-conference of organizers, to organist own promo-action, competition for visitors or announce the future projects.

To take part in the competition City Awards and receive extra value in the professional society and good marketing material for the promo.


To make the marketing investigation, see tendencies of the market development and customers needs criteria.


Taking the disision about participating in the program participants first of all should clarify with the format. Organizers propose such participation as participation in the exposition, in the congress, in awards, different combinations and additional advertising possibilities. 

That companies who are interested in stressing their dominant positions and ambitious planes could enlarge their influence with additional advertising possibilities before, during and after the exhibition. All sponsors pockets include Internet banners posting on the Web-site, advertising in catalog and 10 invitation tickets to Gala-dinner. 

Orgaziners commeetee had created sponsor proposals for the Main and Optional sponsors of Visitors Registration, Press-conference, Congress, Catalog of the event and Awards Ceremony. 


ADVERTISING WITHIN CITY EVOLUTION could be “lifestyle”, outside, digital, printed and BTL. From our experience we are proposing only that advertising which works.

ARCHITECTURE VISUALS of projects is perfect visual advertisement. But you should take into account that it takes more than 3 months to create the visual and it will be rather fragile and expencive exhibit. 
PADDED REALITY - digital alternative to the architecture markets with the integration into the modern digital Internet-infrastructure by means of mobile applications for devices. Eyeful, modern, longevous, gives the possibility to increase the audience out of the audience of fairs and showrooms. 
OUTSIDE ADVERTISING - brand-mower on the facade of the exhibition center, city-lights over the city
MULTIMEDIA ADVERTISEMENT - Internet-banners, digital invitations, promo-spots on video-boards, video-spots from events, news spots on TV, video-spots on plasma 
PRINTED ADVERTISEMENT — catalog of the exhibition, placards, Awards invitation tickets
PR — ANNOUNCEMENTS — announcements in the news sending devoted to the exhibition, interviews, articles, blogs on the Web-site of the event
LIFE-STYLE ADVERTISEMENT — speech, promoters, welcome from representatives of top-management representatives of companies during the official opening, participating in the press-conference.

As practice shows event expectations and it's success depends on participants: internal orderliness, mobility, their involvement into the process, willing to collaborate with organizers and other participants. Preparation takes energy and time and the best results are receiving enthsiasts who are hardly moving to their aim.

Wish you successful participation! 

Organizers committee of City Evolution 2013