12/11/2012 - 17:16

Sarner in Ukraine: Best Traditions and Exclusive approach leads to the project profitability.

Sarner in Ukraine
During the Mall Expo 2012 exhibition, which took place on October 30-31st in the exhibition hall of 
AKKO International, a first time presentation was made by Sarner – one world’s of the leading companies 
in the project and design of entertainment visitor attractions.
In his speech, managing director of Sarner Mr. Ross Magri talked about the specifics of the company 
business and presented some of the most interesting and unique projects they have completed in different countries.
Mr. Magri stressed the point that in European markets, and now also in the Ukraine, the popularity of 
FEC - where special attention is paid to the visitors entertainment - is increasing: “We have seen this in 
the retail arena where not that many years ago, owners used to try to fit as many shops in the smallest possible space at the detriment of the visitor experience, up to the more modern expansive design 
where shopping malls incorporate sophisticated design techniques making best use of light, colour and 
interior design to not only attract but also retain visitors for as long as possible”.
Before starting work on a new project, specialists at Sarner carefully study the potential profit of a 
project, examine all possibilities within the proposed budget and, as a result, develop several possible 
options for the project’s realisation. In the company’s portfolio there are great range of projects – from 
thematic parks to the creation of visitor attractions, ‘edutainment’ centres and museums. All company 
projects have one mutual goal – to attract visitors for entertainment, and in some cases to connect 
entertainment with education.
Among the biggest and most interesting projects to be realized by Sarner, Mr. Magri highlighted: “The 
Dark Ride at Adventure Island which was created for children from 5 to 13 years old. This attraction does actually use a train to carry people through the experience although it could work as well without one if costs were an issue. The thematic is designed in such a way that although a bit scary, is not too 
scary to keep the kids awake all night!”
“For BBC Worldwide in Llondon we’ve transformed the old office area into a successful attraction based on one of the most successful TV science fiction series in the UK, "Doctor Who.”
“And more recently we completed a project at the ocean park in Hong Kong, where the funicular railway was primarily intended as a means of transport to link the two separate parks together. With the help of our production and design teams, we converted the train to look like a submarine using video 
technology and other effects to create the simulated experience of travelling under water!”


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